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demystifying strategy: An essential course for management

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Demystifying Strategy: An Essential Course for Management provides you with the framework to understand strategy in a new light and apply it to your own experiences. Grow your current knowledge base with our easy to understand concepts through recorded workshops and built-in learning activities.

  • Earn 8 PDU’s in strategy and business management
  • Become a more strategic project manager
  • Experience a workshop environment without the travel time and cost
  • Learn a decision-making technique that can be used in any situation
  • Improve your odds of getting buy-in for new ideas and initiatives

Enroll in Demystifying Strategy: An Essential Course for Management and learn

Problems that exist with the traditional approach to strategy

Differences between logical and emotional approaches to strategy

The need for critical thinking skills when evaluating new ideas

Types of questions critical thinkers ask when a new idea is presented

How an organization's philosophy on strategy influences new ideas and decision making

5 questions to better understand and articulate your organization's business mode


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"If you're looking for a fresh, modern approach to strategy and how it impacts your organization, this is the course for you."

-Kristy Calhoun, Nielson & Sherry, PSC

S2A Demystifying Strategy

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S2A’s approach to teaching strategy is simple: we provide you with the knowledge and training needed to adapt a strategic approach in the workplace. Our online courses make strategy easy to learn, understand, and apply to your daily life.